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Gila KnifeWorks.

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Gila KnifeWorks Craftsmen design each handle inlay one-at-a-time, so that each knife is unique, unlike any other.  This one-of-a-kind cutting tool is the perfect gift for that One-of-a-Kind Person in your life. 

Our many standard designs provide a wide variety of blade shapes and applications encompassing a large portion of knife usage, so our knives are cherished as unique gifts for almost anyone.

Top-quality materials mated with OldWorld Craftsmanship and superb attention to detail provide the Owner with a life-time of proud and faithful service.

Buck Knives

Gila Knives are all created equal = unique.  We begin with the finest of material and lovingly craft a handle unique in the world.  Each knife has its own individual personality, character and design.  Much like fingerprints, no two knives are alike.








For almost two decades, Gila Knives Craftsmen have been plying their chosen trade in the American SouthWest.  Our knives are guaranteed not to come apart on you.  All handle failure, short of abuse, is guaranteed by our Life-time Guarantee ~ ours or yours, whoever is first.




Gila Knives

We expect our knives to be used daily as any good “carry” knife would be.  Gila Knives have enduring beauty that invites daily carry and productive use.  Our Custom Handles are fully guaranteed against failure during normal use. 


Buck Knives

Gila Knives are available in many standard models.  Each knife, however, is uniquely designed and constructed..  Above and below you can see some of the standard models Gila Knives produces.


Custom models, such as the Gila/Hilburn, seen below, are also available from time to time.



Buck Rangers





Handle Material:

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   Each knife is custom!

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